The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the work of local landscaping companies during the summer season and has led to an increase in the popularity of many of their hardscape services.

With travel limited due to stay at home orders and the fear of contracting COVID-19 present in people’s minds, many families decided against taking family vacations this summer. They instead chose to use their vacation money on backyard improvement projects.

“There’s been an enormous amount of hardscape work we’ve done. People didn’t go on vacations this year, so they used that money to put in patios or retaining walls,” Alan Beck, owner of Comfort Landscapes LLC, said.

Beck said that the increase in hardscape projects like installing patios or decks is also due to hotter than normal weather this summer, which has limited softscape projects like planting flowers, trees or bushes. Customers choose services that fit their lifestyle and in a summer where people spent more time at home, new hardscape improves the appeal of their homes, he said.

Landscaping businesses that profit largely from hardscape have continued to provide these services to their customers. Business operations have not been altered much this season.

Martinez Lawn Care specializes in services such as mowing, edging and weeding, but profits greatly from hardscape installation. According to owner Herik Martinez, they have continued to receive many requests for these projects from customers this summer.

“Everything’s been the same as it was in the past. Paver patios have continued to be our most profitable service. We have not had to change much about our business this season,” Martinez said.

Other local landscapers have seen business continue as usual, but have had to adapt in other ways due to the unique circumstances of this summer.

Mauricio Perez from M & J Landscaping Perez LLC said everything has been the same as in previous summers in terms of the work and services they provided. They have, however, changed the methods in which they interact with customers.

“We’ve been focusing more on online payments, trying not to see the customers as much. I think we’ll continue doing that. It’s helped business, and it’s helped the customer as well,” Perez said.

“We’ve not taken for granted our full labor force. The pandemic has helped us be aware of each other because if one of us gets sick, it affects everyone. We’re a tight-knit crew so they take extra precautions,” Alan Beck said.

The crew of Comfort Landscapes LLC is like a family, which has encouraged them to be careful to continue business, and keep every member of their crew healthy and safe. Following safety procedures like social distancing and mask wearing to protect co-workers has helped Comfort Landscapes to maintain its full staff during this season.

With the summer season drawing to a close, local landscapers will begin to focus on fall-related services, such as leaf collection, gutter cleaning and general property cleaning.

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