Dear Editor,

Oh, give thanks! As the holidays approach, let us “give thanks” for being so blessed to have an agency such as Cancer Services of Grant County in our community. The agency was founded in 1959 known as Grant County Cancer Society. In the 1960’s, the name changed to Cancer Services of Grant County. The agency has been touching the lives of cancer patients in our community since they evolved.

Cancer Services of Grant County lifts the burdens of illness for friends, family, and neighbors facing cancer, as well as provide countywide educational outreach on early detection and cancer prevention. The community-based agency provides financial support for medicine, medical bills, transportation, supplies, equipment, patient navigation, free screenings, education outreach, and a post-mastectomy fitting clinic.

Cancer does not discriminate and touches so many lives in our community each day. While everyone’s journey is unique, Cancer Services of Grant County is there to ease the burdens of those impacted by cancer and offer support to anyone in need who walks through its doors. The agency spends countless hours finding the resources to fit the individual’s needs, lighten their load, and offer a listening ear and open heart.

Cancer Services of Grant County is a local nonprofit agency that is 100 percent dependent on the generosity of our community via grants, memorials, donations, and fund raisers. The agency is located at 305 South Norton Ave. in Marion. They can be reached at 765-664-6815 or You can get involved and show your gratitude by making a donation, becoming a volunteer or participating in or sponsoring an event.

Let’s count our blessings and “give thanks” today and every day for this awesome agency, staff, volunteers, and board members who make a difference in the lives of cancer patients in our community and make our community a better place. A grateful heart is a loving heart!

Teryl Martin,


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