Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has been a beacon of anti-Trump sanity in a Republican Party that has too little of it these days. In that sense, his announcement that he won’t seek the 2024 presidential nomination, made in a New York Times op-ed Sunday, is something of a disappointment. But his reasoning is valid: Having multiple Republicans in the primary race could create “another multicar pileup,” giving former President Donald Trump a path to again capture the nomination – an outcome Hogan rightly views as unacceptable.

Hogan’s advice is worth heeding. Republicans of good faith must coalesce around one reasonable Trump alternative rather than risk fragmenting the non-MAGA vote among multiple moderates. Hogan has apparently surmised, probably correctly, that he doesn’t have the national base for it. But it’s crucial that the party find that candidate.

A version of this editorial first appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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