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Suicide becoming more common

It defies our assumptions when a celebrity deliberately kills his or herself. We look at these people who we think we know because we spend time with them or their products and assign meaning to whatever small part of our lives they occupy. Of course, we do

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Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day is, as we should expect, a more stoic event than Mother’s Day. Much emotion felt, less acknowledged. The devotion between father and family runs deep in healthy homes, but it is quiet compared to a mother’s love. Dads, especially thos

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Deeper issues at Marion Schools

Humans weren’t made to be on display all the time, communicate with strangers all the time or, certainly, express low information opinions in a stream across the Internet all the time. But that is what many of us do, compulsively. Twitter CEO J

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Our heartfelt allegiance

Thursday is Flag Day, the day when we honor the symbol recognized around the world for freedom, personal liberty and hope for a better world. Scoundrels who would burn her and desecrate her out of anger because of an act of our government still do not have the last

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Be prepared for disaster

Are you ready to survive in the event of a disaster? We’re not talking about having to rebuild our fallen society with a toothpick and a pair of pliers, no Zombies, not even Mad Max. Disaster survival is about being able to hunker down, or if you have to, fle

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