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Cut government and drain the swamp

President Donald Trump has repeatedly promised to “drain the swamp.” Looks like his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, never got the message. News broke last week that companies paid Mr. Cohen millions of dollars for counsel on a host of issues he has litt

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Violence haunting our children

There was another school shooting Friday. This one was at Santa Fe High School in Texas. The previous argument for more gun control based on school shootings doesn’t even die out before a new shooting comes along. But there are a lot of school shootings these

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Honor our police

We respect and honor people who do their much needed job day in and day out, often without appreciation and too often in the face of outright threats and scorn. Life is not fair and people are not perfect but the ones among us us who stand on the front lines o

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The good economy

Our favorite four-letter word, the one we shout regularly to the rooftops, is J-O-B-S, because employment growth creates prosperity and security for more Americans. The good news on this front deserves a shoutout: Nine years into an economic recovery and 15 months

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Lightning danger

A lone lightning strike killed at least 16 people and injured about 140 others in Rwanda earlier this year. The same thing could happen in Grant County. Weather forecast service Accuweather reports cases in which lightning causes multiple fatalities can occur when

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