Too often, it seems like we’re faced with “either/or” decisions. With something as important as energy security, it’s not one or the other – it’s all of the above. Hoosiers across the state are supporting the development of new options that help to diversify our sources of energy. Of course, we will continue to need a robust supply of oil and to a lesser extent coal. But that shouldn’t be at the exclusion of new investments in renewable options like wind and solar. Particularly in Indiana, there are parts of our state very close to major electrical transmission lines that make our state a hotbed for farming the sun.

As implausible as that seems, the nation’s largest solar farm is planned not for some desert out west – but northern Indiana. All over the state, more than 120 solar projects are either already generating electricity or being planned now. These are new developments going into pro-growth areas of our state that understand the value of market-driven clean energy. An added benefit is the improvement we’ll see in slowing climate change. Plus “farming the sun” is sustainable and a financial windfall for communities that have added miles of new roads, fired up broadband for county residents, built new community centers, and broken ground with new schools – all with revenue from renewable energy projects.

Steve Eberly, of Pine Village, is executive director of Hoosiers for Renewables.

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