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Consternation about Growth Council cuts

We think local Republicans should invest more energy in delivering transparent and good government, and perhaps make that their election strategy, instead of meeting behind closed doors to figure out what kind of show they wish to present&#

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Crimes kept quiet

The Catholic Church has been an undeniable force for good across centuries. But, sadly, it continues to be no stranger to child sexual abuse scandals. The most recent grand jury report detailing more than 1,000 identifiable victims of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania s

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After Singapore

The U.S. and North Korea are again publicly disagreeing about progress toward the North’s denuclearization, and that’s no surprise. This was likely to happen once President Trump agreed to “phased” progress and dropped demands that the North

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Support Affordable Care Act

The health care discussion underway in Congress I something with which I am, unfortunately, very familiar. I have had several health issues over many years and have been blessed to have had access to the care I have needed. Without it, I fear I would not be able to

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Praying for police

Take a moment to say a prayer for police officers in Marion. Each day they might face life-threatening challenges in keeping the community safe. They and others who enforce laws for a living have been confronted with a series of murders that the publ

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