On Tuesday morning, 16 February 2021 at 7:30 a.m., Wilbur Glenn Williams (age 91), died peacefully in his Marion home. Wilbur leaves behind his wife Ardelia Lee (Smith) Williams (age 96) after celebrating their 69th anniversary in January. Surviving Wilbur are his three daughters, Ranada Grossman (NC), Lasana Ritchie (IN), Malana Harpst (AZ); his elder brother, Wayne Williams (age 93, CA); as well as seven grandchildren: Landon Ritchie (CO), Sterling Harpst (OH), Hailey Harpst (AZ), Corban Ritchie (VA), Lauren Harpst (IN), Keanon Ritchie (IN), Khesed Ritchie (IN); and two great-granddaughters: Hadley and Hayden Harpst (OH).

Wilbur was born at home in Gas City (28 August 1929) and raised in Fairmount, Indiana. His father, William Thomas Williams served as Caretaker for Fairmount Campground and his mother, Margaret Idelta (Picket) Williams, was the last living charter member of Eastview Wesleyan Church. Wilbur lived five years in New Jersey with the family while he worked in New York, and in 1967 answered the call to teaching from Indiana Wesleyan University. His salary dropped by half but he couldn’t resist the call on his heart. Wilbur only recently retired from his 50th year, having touched over 17,250 lives at the University alone; he continued to go daily to his office to be available to students for prayer and guidance until December 2020.

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