Scott Andrew Logan, 37, passed away on January 5, 2021, in Marion at his girlfriend’s residence. He was the youngest child of Guy and Darlene Logan and was his mother’s baby. She always looked out for his best interest and, whenever he needed a special favor, he always turned to his mom. She most especially liked cooking for Scott and keeping him well-fed with egg sandwiches, spaghetti, and all the cheese he could eat.

In 2012, Scott married Kim Brown, who tragically passed away in 2018. He recently found a new love in Reneé Lysen and was looking forward to the arrival of her baby boy. Scott was the ultimate cat lover. At one time he had three cats named after Celestial objects--Star, Luna, and Sunny. He was a natural born baseball player who with little practice easily hit home runs and struck out most of the batters he faced while playing little league in Fairmount. He also liked skateboarding and playing drums in his younger years. He had a real talent for composing and arranging electronic music. He had the makings of a good carpenter, helping his dad build a deck and putting in windows and doors. Whenever his dad needed help on a big project or needed a strong body to get the job done, he always tried to call on Scott. One of his interests was working on small electrical projects. He just received two electrical project kits for Christmas and spent his last days assembling and soldering his gifts. Though it was sometimes hard to get close to Scott, once you did you couldn’t help but love him. His dad will especially miss his witty humor.

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