Donald Robert Reese, joins the Lord having peacefully passed away Friday, April 2, 2021, after fighting incredible odds.

On Jan. 23, 1965, Don was born and then raised in Marion, Ind. His parents, Phil & Donna (Devor) Reese preceded him in death. Don was a standout vocalist and early musical success. By the time he was 20, he had been a professional vocalist across Indiana and the U.S. He was a touring backup singer with Tennessee Ernie Ford, and was a featured performer at Bearcreek Farms, Disney Properties, and SJ Payne’s. Beyond a performer, Don was an accomplished hunter, fine artist, raced motocross, and sold motorcycles and cars. What brought all of his talents together somehow is the jewelry business. His jewelry career allowed him to design, create, challenge, manage, and be personally successful at many firms, including Pacula and Gough, Bradley Gough Diamonds, Peter Franklin Jewelers, and he was also owner-operator of Donta Fine Jewelry with his wife and soul mate, Tamera Cohen-Reese, in Fort Wayne. His true passion, however was family. Nov. 1, 1999 was the second most important day in his life. That day, his son, Dillon Reese was born. Dillon joined Spencer Cohen and Caitlin (Ryan) Lewis, along with Tamera as his core family unit. He also had a very large and loyal group of friends and clients that he loved very much. Those that surrounded him, especially in these last many months, meant the world to him. Late in his life, Don was reconnected with his surviving birth father, Robert (Claire) Young, as well as brothers, Jason and Cody (Emily), and niece, Josie) Young.

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