The Republican Party retained all of its seats on the Grant County Council Tuesday night, according to local election results released Tuesday night.

Grant County Council President Shane Middlesworth received the most votes, grabbing around 27 of the total votes cast. Incumbents Chuck Polling and Mike Roorbach both won re-election, winning about 25 percent of the total vote. The two Democratic Party challengers, Aaron Murray and Brittani Riggs, each received about 12 percent of the total vote, which was not enough to gain one of the three open seats.

Republicans didn’t just sweep the county council seats. The GOP swept all of the local county government races.

Grant County Commissioner Ron Mowery won his re-election bid after receiving 67.94 percent of the total vote in his race against Democrat Natalie Hills. Incumbent Mark Bardsley ran unopposed for the open District 2 seat.


Due to an unprecedented number of mail-in and absentee ballots in this year’s general election, the presidential race was too close to call as of deadline Tuesday. For full coverage, please visit for live results. A list of the official local, state and national winners will be published once results are certified.

The Associated Press has declared winners in the following state races. These results include all votes cast in Indiana. Indiana Governor – (R) Eric Holcomb; Indiana Attorney General – (R) Todd Rokita; U.S. House District 2 – Jackie Walorski; Indiana House District 18 – (R) Craig Snow; Indiana House District 30 – Mike Karickhoff; Indiana House District 31 – (R) Tony Cook; Indiana House District 50 – (R) Dan Leonard.

The following are the unofficial results for votes cast in Grant County. These totals do not include other Indiana counties or national results.

United States President

(R) Donald J. Trump, 68.10%

(D) Joseph R. Biden, 29.43%

(L) Jo Jorgensen, 2.14%

Indiana Governor

(R) Eric Holcomb, 62.35%

(D) Woody Myers, 21.65%

(L) Donald Rainwater II, 16.01%

Indiana Attorney General

(R) Todd Rokita, 69.88%

(D) Jonathan Weinzapfel, 30.12%

U.S. House District 5

(R) Victoria Spartz, 64.88%

(D) Christina Hale, 29.94%

(L) Kenneth Tucker, 5.73%

Indiana House District 18

(R) Craig Snow, 80.78%

(D) Chad Harris, 19.22%

Indiana House District 30

(R) Mike Karickhoff, 69.53%

(D) Dylan McHenry, 30.47%

Indiana House District 31

(R) Ann Vermilion, 100%,

Indiana House District 31

(R) Tony Cook, 77.66%

(D) Amie Neiling, 22.34%

Grant County Superior Court 1 Judge

(R) Jeff Todd, 100%

Grant County Superior Court 3 Judge

(R) Jason McVicker, 100%,

Grant County Recorder

(R) Kathy Foy, 100%

Grant County Treasurer

(R) Tiffany N. Griffith, 100%

Grant County Surveyor

(R) James D. Todd, 100%

Grant County Commissioner District 1

(R) Ron Mowery, Sr., 67.94%

(D) Natalie Hills, 32.06%

Grant County Commissioner District 2

(R) Mark E. Bardsley, 100%,

Grant County Council (Three open At-Large seats)

(R) Shane Middlesworth, 26.60%

(R) Chuck Poling, 24.80%

(R) Mike Roorbach, 24.32%

(D) Aaron Murray, 12.41%

(D) Brittani Riggs (Flowers), 11.88%

Eastbrook District 4

(NP) Patrick Pinkerton, 100%

Eastbrook District 5 (At-large)

(NP) Bradley Dillon, 37.59%

(NP) Daniel E. Spencer, 62.41%

Madison Grant District 1

No candidate

Madison-Grant District 5

(NP) Mary Jo Brunt, 64.37%

(NP) Corey J. Sizelove, 35.63%

Madison Grant District 6

(NP) Amanda Kelich, 100%

MCS District 2

(NP) Brooke Thomas, 100%

MCS District 3

(NP) Mary L. Prows, 100%

MCS District 4

(NP) Todd Nicholson, 100%,

Mississinewa District 1

(NP) Wayne Gaskin, 100%

Mississinewa District 4 (At-large; two seats)

(NP) William Cunningham, 45.50%

(NP) Terry Fratus, 24.89%

(NP) Jarrett Richards, 29.62%

Oak Hill District 2

(NP) Teresa Shafer, 100%

Oak Hill District 3

(NP) David Bettegnies, 46.04%

(NP) Aaron J. Pickering, 53.96%

Oak Hill District 5

(NP) Michael E. McDivitt, 100%,

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