Charlie Meeks was recently named the January Champion of the Month for the City of Marion.

Meeks was raised in the Upland area and grad­u­at­ed from Jef­fer­son High School. He has been a Mar­i­on res­i­dent since 1990. Meeks made a life­long career in skilled trade at Gen­er­al Motors from 1969−2000.

Since retire­ment, Meeks has been using his skills in work­ing with his hands to help oth­ers with projects while many times teach­ing them the skill. He has fixed roof leaks and plumb­ing prob­lems, has remod­eled rooms and much more, receiv­ing zero pay­ment in return.

Next-door neigh­bor Jeff Clark said Meeks has done more than one project for his house­hold. ​

“Char­lie has the skill to tack­le any project, but his great­est trait is the gen­eros­i­ty he dis­plays in using his skills; though he is help­ful to many, he nev­er does it for atten­tion or pay.”

New­er home­own­er and neigh­bor Con­nor Owen said, ​“I’ve shown up to his house to bor­row a tool or ask for advice, and he jumps up and comes to help. And by help, Char­lie does most of the work and talks me through every­thing so I’ll know how to do it next time.” Owen added that Meeks even paid for the mate­ri­als in doing a wain­scot­ing project for his family’s new nurs­ery as a gift to them.

Anoth­er grate­ful neigh­bor, Roger Younce, added, ​“Every time I’m work­ing on some­thing, Char­lie shows up ready to help. I’ve nev­er met a per­son who finds more enjoy­ment in help­ing oth­ers. I always know that he’s going to teach me a new skill, and that we are going to laugh the whole time.”

Meeks has also tack­led many improve­ment projects for his church, Grace Community.

Those who receive Meeks’ help know to also thank his wife, Mar­lene, who is patient and sup­port­ive of him and shares his gen­er­ous spirit.

Meeks said he’s been blessed with handy skills and is grate­ful he is still able to apply them. ​

“I wasn’t great in school, but could work with my hands. When I get out of my com­fort zone and do some­thing myself, it’s an accom­plish­ment. I also try to teach oth­ers and encour­age them to also get out of their com­fort zone in learn­ing new skills.”

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