After visiting 26 of the 32 polling locations across Grant County, skipping his lunch and starting his his day at 4:30 a.m. on Primary Election Day, Jason McVicker ended his day victorious.

Current Marion City Court Judge Jason McVicker defeated three fellow Republican hopefuls in the primary for the open Grant County Superior Court 3 seat.

“As someone who is seventh generation Grant County, I am just overwhelmingly humbled by everyone’s support today. I plan to make my best attempts to fill the very large shoes of Judge Warren Haas, who’s done an outstanding job in his two terms in Grant Superior Court 3, and I intend to carry on his good work.”

He said he was overwhelmingly humbled by the results and wanted to thank his opponents for their dedication to Grant County.

“I could not think higher and with more respect for my three opponents. I plan to continue to work with each of them as we continue to practice law together,” he said.

According to unofficial results from Grant County Voter Registration, McVicker received 3,699 votes (48.32 percent), defense attorney David Glickfield III received 2,053 votes (17.15 percent), Grant County Juvenile Court Magistrate Brian McLane received 1,313 votes (17.15 percent) and Grant County Deputy Prosecutor Jarred L. Eib received 590 votes (7.71 percent). No Democrats filed for the seat in the primary.

Two incumbents and one challenger are moving on to the general election for the three Grant County Council at-large seats Tuesday.

Current council members Shane Middlesworth (4,523 votes, 25.50 percent) and Mike Roorbach (3,979 votes, 22.43 percent) and challenger Chuck Poling (3,770 votes, 21.26 percent) beat out incumbent Jonathan Perez (3,129 votes, 17.64 percent) and newcomer Chris Tarlton (2,335 votes, 13.17 percent).

Middlesworth has served as council president since 2019 and was first elected to council in 2012. He said he is thankful for voters’ support and confidence in him being the top vote-getter in the primary heading into the general election.

“I just want to thank all of the voters that came out to the polls and voted and thank all of the ones that submitted absentee ballots,” he said. “It feels a relief to get over this due to it being extended with COVID. It’s nice that the election is finally here.”

Roorbach was first elected to county council in 2016 and thanked those who voted for him.

“It’s very humbling when 3,000 people go into a voting booth and pull the lever beside your name, and it’s also very gratifying,” he said. “I’ve won more elections than I’ve lost and I would always rather win at anything I do, but this was very gratifying and humbling at the same time.”

Roorbach said the primary being pushed back did not affect his campaign since he did not spend any money, and he is excited to keep working on county issues.

“Central dispatch is a real big one,” he said. “I’ll be excited to finish that project, and we’ve got some other things we need to do. I look forward to working with the other members of the council. I’m glad Shane Middlesworth is back, that really really helps.”

Poling is the owner of Chuck’s Sewer and Plumbing, a Grant County Health Board member and an Indiana state delegate. He said he was humbled to be chosen by the Grant County Republican electorate.

“I just thank God. Hopefully I can go in there and be fair and do the right thing for the whole citizens of Grant County,” he said. “I’ll just work real hard for Grant County citizens and try to be fair.”

No Democrats filed for the primary for the three at-large seats. According to the Associated Press, current state Senator Victoria Spartz won the GOP primary for Indiana’s Fifth District, and former state representative Christina Hale won the Democratic primary.

Here are the full results:


Donald Trump (R): 7,300 votes, 93.49 percent

Bill Weld (R): 508 votes, 6.51 percent

Joe Biden (D): 2,485 votes, 79.60 percent

Bernie Sanders (D): 335 votes, 10.73 percent

Indiana Governor

Eric Holcomb (R): 7,377 votes, 100 percent

US Rep. – District 5

Results only reflect Grant County votes cast in district

Kent Abernathy (R): 473 votes, 6.3 percent

Andrew Bales (R) 131, 1.74 percent

Micah Beckwith (R) 1,069 votes, 14.24 percent

Carl Brizzi (R): 302 votes, 4.02 percent

Allen R. Davidson (R): 55 votes, .73 percent

Chuck Dietzen (R): 158 votes, 17.02 percent

Beth Henderson (R): 1,278 votes, 17.02 percent

Matthew Hook (R): 103 votes, 1.37 percent

Matthew Hullinger (R): 66 votes, .88 percent

Kelly Mitchell (R): 383 votes, 5.10 percent

Danny Neiderberger (R): 43 votes, .57 percent

Mark Small (R): 130 votes, 1.73 percent

Victoria Spartz (R): 3,228 votes, 42.99 percent

Russell H. Stwalley (R): 49 votes, .65 percent

Victor Wakley (R): 40 votes, .53 percent

Jennifer Christie (D): 599 votes, 20.66 percent

Christina Hale (D): 1,081 votes, 37.28 percent

Andy Jacobs (D): 542 votes, 18.69 percent

Ralph Spelbring (D): 52 votes, 1.79 percent

Dee Thornton (D): 626 votes, 21.59 percent

State Representative District 18

Results only reflect Grant County votes cast in district

Russell Reahard (R): 285 votes, 57.93 percent

Craig Snow (R) 207 votes, 42.07 percent

Chad Harris (D): 105 votes, 100 percent

State Representative District 30

Mike Karickhoff (R) 815 votes, 100 percent

Dylan McHenry (D): 307 votes, 100 percent

State Representative District 31

Ann Vermillion (R): 3725 votes, 100 percent

State Representative District 32

Results only reflect Grant County votes cast in district

Daniel A Bragg (R): 687 votes, 44.64 percent

Anthony (Tony) Cook (R): 852 votes, 55.36 percent

Amie Neiling (D): 406 votes, 100 percent

Grant County Judge Superior Court 1

Jeff Todd: 6,811 votes, 100 percent

Grant County Judge Superior Court 3

Jarred L. Eib: 590 votes, 7.71 percent

David Glickfield III: 2,053 votes, 26.82 percent

Brian McLane: 1,131 votes, 17.15 percent

Jason McVicker: 3,699 votes, 48.32 percent

Grant County RecorderKathy Foy (R): 4,547 votes, 62.2 percent

Roberta (Bobbie) Solms (R): 2,763 votes, 37.80 percent

Grant County Treasurer

Tiffany N. Griffith (R): 4,675 votes, 67.43 percent

Richard A. Jarvis III (R): 2,258 votes, 32.57 percent

Grant County Surveyor

James D. Todd (R) 6,540 votes, 100 percent

Grant County Commissioner District 1

Ron Mowery: 6,033 votes, 100 percent

Grant County Commissioner District 2

Mark Bardsley (R): 6,362 votes, 100 percent

David M. Gault (D): 1,901 votes, 100 percent

Grant County Council At-Large

Shane Middlesworth (R): 4,523 votes, 25.50 percent

Jonathan Perez (R): 3,129 votes, 17.64 percent

Chuck Poling (R): 3,770 votes, 21.26 percent

Mike Roorbach (R): 3,979 votes, 22.43 percent

Chris Tarlton (R): 2,335 votes, 13.17 percent

Republican Precinct Committeeman (Contested)

Mill 7:

Patrick Savage: 46 votes, 32.62 percent

Brandy Swanner: 95 votes, 67.38 percent

Pleasant 6:

Richard Jarvis III: 57 votes, 43.85 percent

Jerry Shull: 73 votes, 56.15 percent

Washington 2:

Teresa Baker: 48 votes, 53.33 percent

Steve Henderson: 42 votes, 46.67 percent

Republican State Convention Delegates


Tresa Baker: 4,454 votes, 21.74 percent

Steve Henderson: 4,240 votes, 20.70 percent

Cathy Shinholt Lyons: 3,689 votes, 18.01 percent

Kevin Lyons: 3,207 votes, 15.65 percent

James McWhirt: 4,896 votes, 23.90 percent

District 1:

Gary Baker: 1,199 votes, 15.65 percent

Cullen Gibson: 871 votes, 11.37 percent

Mary Gibson: 1,016 votes, 13.26 percent

Lori Gross-Reaves: 1,246 votes, 16.26 percent

Richard Hart: 1,000 votes, 13.05 percent

Ashley Hurd: 1,154 votes, 15.06 percent

Richard Jarvis III: 1,176 votes, 15.35 percent

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