Sprinkled by Stephanie

Stephanie Lahr, owner of Sprinkled by Stephanie, stands next to her food truck. Lahr said while she sells a variety of options including custom creations, cheesecake on a stick is her most popular offering.

Former Veteran Affairs employee Stephanie Lahr resigned from her position in 2019 to follow her dream and passion of not only baking cakes, but bringing joy to others.

Sprinkled by Stephanie is currently a one-woman show.

“It started out as a hobby, baking for fundraisers, and now this is my full-time job, working 80-90 hours a week,” Lahr said.

The name, Sprinkled by Stephanie, came from Lahr praying over every order so each product is sprinkled with God’s mercy and joy, she said.

Lahr said that what makes her business stand apart from other bakers in the area is that she provides an experience, from the time it is made to the time it is headed out the door.

“Everything I make is unique,” Lahr said.

Lahr’s business is growing rapidly and has been referral based so far, she said. Working out of her food truck, Lahr has done everything from birthdays to weddings. Lahr said her customers have shared the comment that her products taste even better than they look.

Customers can order anything custom from Sprinkled, but when they show up at the food truck, Lahr offers New Yorker cookies, Cup Cakers, (which are cupcakes that are in cup form without a liner), Slush Rushes, lemon shake-ups and her No. 1 seller, cheesecake on a stick.

Amie Pearson, the president of Main Street Gas City, said she first met Lahr at a First Friday event.

“I love her ideas, she has so much potential to be whatever she wants to be and is adding culture, diversity, and we don’t have anyone else doing a cupcake trailer, so that’s unique,” she said.

The president of Gas City’s Chamber of Commerce, Pat Pearson, said “The Cupcake in a Cup is a divine thing for me, I don’t have to worry about ripping open the paper on a cupcake, I can keep it in the cup and dig in.

“Some of her flavors are super creative, and the last two times through First Fridays, I’ve had a different one each time, and it’s really good, she has a great product,” he said.

Lahr is even selling her confections outside Grant County, and the state of Indiana.

“I have shipped items to Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida and Las Vegas so far,” she said.

Find Sprinkled by Stephanie on Facebook for more information and to see which upcoming events where the food truck will be. Customers can also message order requests through Facebook Messenger.

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