Communication towers, structures and generators in Grant County have been a recent topic of discussion by the central dispatch board and the Grant County commissioners.

Dispatch board reported last Wednesday that it has received an update that the tower that is currently being utilized for communication has a plan through AT&T to update the technology.

AT&T is in the process of running new fibers through the tower. The previous lines were made of copper and were causing the department issues for years. According to the board, the lines were degraded to the point that they were not fixable and had to be replaced. The replacement might only be a short-term solution.

A long-term fix for the tower is still being discussed among county officials. The dispatch board, commissioners and contractors such as Adam Hurley from J&K Communications have been working on the project.

Dispatch board is hopeful that work on the tower will be completed by the end of the year, but contractors stated that they are unable to provide the county with a direct timeline.

According to the contractors, all physical work has been completed for the fiber installation, AT&T has completed the configuration and testing and new tests will be scheduled in the near future to make progress toward completing the work on the tower.

The failure of the tower brought up issues with the antennas, routing and site trunking that J&K will be fixing in the near future at no further expense to the county. Councilman Mike Roorbach extensively thanked Hurley for his commitment to the county as a contractor.

“As a county councilman that does the money, I appreciate what you just said. Some of our consultants haven’t done that. I appreciate what you said,” said councilman Mike Roorbach. “To take responsibility is a great thing. I thank you.”

When questioned by Chief Angela Haley, Hurley assured the board that there would be no increased cost for the mistakes that were made with site trunking for the department or county.

Much of the conversation before and after the tower updates revolved around site trunking, which was extensively highlighted as a known issue by Hurley, and has been dealt with swiftly by J&K and the county.

“The main reason I’m here guys is first to apologize and to explain the site trunking issues we’ve had. We should’ve called it out day one that we didn’t have a site trunking plan in place. Somehow it slipped through the cracks,” said Hurley. “As soon as I found out about the site trunking problem, we came down.”

Representatives from Pyramid Consulting claimed that they have received progress applications from several of their contractors and are making progress in Grant County at the commissioner’s meeting on Monday.

According to the representatives, there are multiple generators that have experienced progress in building, but the county is still waiting on steel structures to be delivered.

The Upland tower is ready for shipping, but the two remaining structures will not be available for shipping until the end of the month. Representatives claimed that contractors will be required for these new structures.

Commissioner Mark Bardsley said that he hopes to possibly have the towers completed by the end of December.

“I’m thinking at the end of the month or the end of December to schedule that ribbon cutting,” said Bardsley. “Thank you Todd. Looking forward to actually seeing those towers up and broadcasting.”

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