Ducktail Run

The Ducktail Run Rod & Custom Show brings out all forms of classic cars. The show runs Thursday, Sept. 24, through Sunday, Sept. 27, in Gas City.

After a summer inside, the Ducktail Run Rod and Custom Car Show is a chance to dust off and show off the classic car sitting in the garage or admire the cars that come from around the country.

Registration starts Wednesday for the annual event. This year registration will be off site, taking place at the Gas City Fire Station on Ind. 22. The majority of the actual events of the weekend will take place at the Eugene Linn Memorial Park, 718 S. Broadway St. in Gas City.

The car show has a lot to offer to just about anyone. In addition to seeing the cars, there will also be live music, Ducktail merchandise to purchase and a flea market that will be going on throughout the week. On Saturday night, the heat will be on when the flame throwing contest starts.

Ducktail Run represents a good chance to get out of the house for people that have been inside for most of the summer and want to come out for one last celebration before the weather turns for winter, event organizer Mike Salter said.

“I think people are absolutely tired of being stuck in the house, and they want to get out,” Salter said. “So, I think we are going to get overrun.”

Though Salter is expecting a big turnout and confirmed that most of the spots are already full from people who preregistered, the event will be run safely in accordance with state guidelines on social distancing. Anyone that goes into a building for any reason during the event will have to have a mask on.

In order to register a car for one of the remaining spots, there will be a $30 registration fee, and the car must be from 1972 or before to be entered.

In past years, there have been as many as 2,000 cars entered, and people coming to the event have arrived from more than 40 states and Canada to be a part of the event. Being able to see the same faces over the years has helped Salter create a bond with the festival-goers, he said.

“Seeing people come that I’ve seen for 25-26 years now, you kinda know the people coming,” Salter said. “It’s kind of a reunion.”

Salter wants people to come out, enjoy the show and relax.

“It’s a relaxing weekend,” Salter said. “If people want to see some absolutely beautiful cars, come on down. There’s no admission fee, you just walk on in anywhere you want. We’ve got a big swap meet and a big craft area.”

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