Grant County Commissioners approved a variety of agreements and purchases at its regular meeting Monday.

Commissioners approved a $10,827.98 expense from the IT department for equipment that will allow the county courts to operate jury selection remotely outside of the courthouse to maintain COVID-19 guidelines.

IT department expenses of $6,060 for six additional HP laptops for county employees working from home and $823 for a color printer for the Emergency Management Agency’s mobile command center vehicle were also approved, and IT Director Marcus Elliott said all of the expenses should be reimbursable from CARES Act funds since they are tied to the pandemic.

Commissioners gave Highway Superintendent David White approval to change the bid award for 2020-2021 salt contracts after White discovered a lower bid had been sent to the spam folder of his email. The bid was originally awarded to Morton Salt for $81.74 per ton, but White will now award low bidder Detroit Salt the contract for $79.73 per ton. Detroit Salt provided the county’s salt last season for a price of $91.45 per ton, White said.

White also received approval for a $7,131.64 cleaning of the highway department’s fuel tanks by Plainfield National of Keystone, Indiana. White said he plans to come back to the commissioners with a plan to enter a three-year agreement with Plainfield National for twice-a-year fuel tank and filter cleaning for $5,616.55 annually, which the county could suspend at any time.

Prosecutor Rodney Faulk received approval from commissioners to purchase two in-car radios for the Swayzee Police Department for $6,591.62. Tyler Keith of Swayzee Police said one of the vehicles does not currently have a radio, and the other vehicle’s radio is outdated and sometimes malfunctions.

Commissioners approved Recorder Kathy Foy’s requests for microfilm roll storage from US Imaging, Inc. of Saginaw, Michigan for a one-time cost of $2,586.13 with a $1,520 expense yearly after that.

Foy was also approved to spend $256,322 to digitize county records from 1967-1993. She noted the digitization project will come out of her perpetuation fund, which has plenty of money to cover the large expense.

Commissioners also appointed David Morgan III to serve an initial two-year term as county council’s representative to the newly-established county Economic Development Commission following a recommendation from Council President Shane Middlesworth.

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