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Love is victorious

The belief that an innocent man could be tortured to death, placed in a tomb and emerge days after being sealed way sounds to many like quite the gruesome fairy tale. For others it the reason they have faith in  eternity as something more than the endless passage of time.

We still believe in Easter and hope.

When devout secularists criticize Christians as weak minded for believing such stories today, they betray the arrogance of our age. The thought that transcendence only lives in the mind and that the knowledge of science, it’s ways and means, is the only key to understanding this world is popular. Of course, life itself teaches something else.

In Christ’s time on earth, coming back from the dead was an oddity likely to engender just as much disbelief as today. The people who told others it happened, who said God on earth had been killed by people but resurrected, were not only called fools. They were killed. The martyrs who shared time on earth with Jesus Christ provide strong evidence that Christianity has always been more than another social movement. They believed him to be the Son of God and were confident of their own resurrection because they knew He had returned after death.

This weekend is about hope and love. All of us, regardless of faith, should recognize the power of goodness and sacrifice.

Christians accept and celebrate that the resurrection of Jesus Christ settled matters concerning the world to come. Still much work has been left to us on the earth we share today, including doing the right thing in spite of the consequences.

Big issues are on our plate involving war, liberty and life itself. These need to be debated and discussed with the passion such weighty matters deserve. But at the end of the day, even if our candidate isn’t elected and our contention does not carry the day, love must and will prevail. That is the lesson of Easter. Love’s triumph over sin and death. It’s the defining element of Christianity.

Let’s focus on love for each other and take from today the things that will keep us moving ahead together in our families and in our community.

Happy Easter, everyone.