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Burglars break into Lowden Jewelers

By Clay Winowiecki - cwinowiecki@chronicle-tribune.com

Marion Police Department officers went to the scene of a burglary at Lowden Jewelers Tuesday morning after the store’s alarm system tipped them off to a break-in.

At the scene, officers found the store’s front door, which was made of glass, shattered and jewelry stolen.

“Upon officer’s arrival the front door glass had been shattered,” said MPD Captain Stephen Dorsey in a prepared statement. “Officers searched the building locating no suspect(s).”

The store suffered damage to a single glass showcase which contained various items of jewelry. MPD officials believe the damage could have been made by a piece of large asphalt.

The owner of the store, Andrew Lowden, said he expects roughly $600-$700 of merchandise was stolen.

“We are still working on the inventory,” Lowden said. “Ninety-five percent of our jewelry is kept in the safe at night.”

Products that are left out include watches and sterling silver, which are some of the store’s less valuable stock.

“(The burglary is) just a bummer being a small business,” Lowden said. “It’s hard anyway being in Marion to make it with our economy the way it is here. To get hit with the glass breakage on our new glass front door … is an added cost we didn’t plan on.”

Lowden was awakened by a notification that his alarm system had been triggered. This isn’t completely uncommon for the sensor, which has gone off in the past after a spider crawled into the wrong place, or once when an air conditioning unit blew a celebratory balloon across the showroom floor. But Lowden said when he made it to the store fifteen minutes later, five or six police cars were already there.

According to Lowden, this is the sixth or seventh time a break-in has occurred in the past 28 years.

In the past, burglars have cut the stores power to try to get inside, or like on Tuesday, have broken the store’s glass to gain access to the building.

When Lowden arrived on scene, the officers were able to review surveillance video which showed two suspects wearing gloves, face masks and jackets with hoods.

According to the MPD, this is an active investigation and the MPD is asking anyone with information about this incident to call their office at 662-9981 or Crime Stoppers at 765-662-8477.