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The primary races for mayors and other municipal offices in Grant County will be drawing much attention between now and the May 7 elections.

We expect a vigorous debate and we invite that debate to this page. We are happy to publish campaign-related letters. Here are guidelines:

As with all letters, they should be no more than 500 words in length and, if at all possible, sent electronically. We will accept typed or legibly printed submissions. No personal attacks. If you don’t like someone’s actions, feel free to criticize the actions, but tread lightly on the person.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and to express that opinion in a respectful manner. A letter that does not meet that standard in the opinion of the editorial board will not be published.

We stop accepting letters to the editor about the local campaigns more than a week before an election and stop publishing them a few days before the election. That is to prevent a letter making some spurious case about a candidate that the other side does not have time to refute if they choose.

For the May 7 primary elections, the deadline to deliver campaign-related letters is 5 p.m. April 27. None will be published after May 3. There are always those whose letters are not published because they are not delivered on time.

As always, letters become the property of the Chronicle-Tribune and may be edited for brevity and clarity. Letters considered inappropriate, libelous or otherwise unsuitable for publication will not be used.

Every letter must include the writer’s name, home address and telephone number. Letters without such basic information won’t even be considered for publication. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published or made available to the public. The name and community of the writer must be included. This is true of all letters to the editor.

If it is clear that a letter was written by a person other than the one whose name appears as the author, it will not be published.

Not only are personal attacks on the candidates out of bounds, attacks on their families, religion, businesses or ethnic heritage are also not acceptable for this page. If a letter includes allegations of wrongdoing or unethical activities, objective documentation should be included. Publication of the accusations will be the decision of the editorial board.

Guest columns about political issues will not be considered unless the editorial board solicits them. First consideration will be given to letters from people living in the area covered by the Chronicle-Tribune and to those who are not frequent letter writers.

We ask the candidates to start their mission of building good government for our cities by delivering campaigns that are honest, open and meaningful. The citizens deserve your best.

Here is how to send us your letters:

REGULAR MAIL: Letters to the Editor, Chronicle-Tribune, P.O. Box 309, Marion, IN 46952.

EMAIL: ctedit@indy.rr.com

HAND-DELIVERED: Bring them to the Chronicle-Tribune offices during regular business hours., 610 S. Adams St. Marion, Monday through Friday.