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Bath bomb to set world record

BY Carolyn Muyskens - cmuyskens@chronicle-tribune.com

Mama Pearson’s Soaporium is going for a world record this Sunday.

The Gas City boutique will construct what they believe will be the biggest bath bomb ever made – hopefully weighing close to 200 pounds, if all goes to plan – and then “detonate” it in a pool just outside the store.

Amie Pearson, co-owner of the Soaporium, has spent 14 weeks on an arduous application process through the Guinness Book of World Records to make Sunday’s event an official world record attempt.

Guinness told Pearson that there is no current record for largest bath bomb, so Guinness set a minimum weight of 45 pounds that Pearson’s bath bomb must surpass in order to set the new record. Pearson hopes to blow that weight out of the water.

“We’re going for the heaviest, not the biggest around. Looks can be deceiving, (the bomb) might not be that big around, but it’ll be very heavy because the mixture is compressed,” Pearson said.

Pearson already makes bath bombs for a living, along with lotions, soaps, deodorants, and a number of men’s shaving products that she sells at the Soaporium, which she owns with her husband, Pat.

“It’s the same recipe, we just need to scale it up,” Pearson said. In this case, she’ll be scaling up from her usual 5 ounces to ideally close to 200 pounds. Instead of using a machine to press the bath bomb into shape, she’ll use large stainless steel bowls to shape it.

Guinness requires the entire attempt be performed in public, in the sight of impartial witnesses unrelated to the Pearsons, as well as measured by a licensed professional surveyor.

Don Wimmer, a Marion resident, will be performing the official measurements. He’s been a licensed surveyor since 2002 and a professional surveyor since 1988.

Wimmer will use calibrated steel tape to measure the circumference of the bomb, and oversee the weighing of the bomb using a calibrated scale that can measure weight to the nearest hundredth of a kilogram, as required by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The plan is to start making the bath bomb at 2 p.m. at the Soaporium, and around 3 p.m. to begin transporting the bomb to the pool outside, where it will be dropped into a three-foot-deep swimming pool.

“Nobody has ever seen this before, and nobody knows what it’s going to do (when it detonates),” Pearson said. The bath bomb is made with citric acid and baking soda which should cause the pool to erupt in fizz.

Once the fizz has died down, Pearson said, kids will be invited to swim in the pool. “It’ll be just like a giant bathtub,” Pearson said.

The community is invited to witness the official record-breaking attempt, either in person or on the Soaporium’s Facebook page, which will show a live stream of the event. The Mississinewa High and Middle School bands will also be selling hot dogs to raise money for their programs outside the store from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. during the event.