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Welcome more women to leadership

The number of women running for elected office has set a record this year, a trend we hope continues.

The Associated Press reports there are 309 women seeking higher office in the U.S. House of Representatives this year, a new record. Both major parties are represented. Political ideology aside, we think this is a positive development.

In Grant County, we have had women as judges, county recorders, treasurers and clerks. We find them as town and city clerk-treasurers and on school boards. Marion City Council and Jonesboro City Council each have two women as members. Susan Brooks is also our U.S. representative. Looking back on the role of women in elected office, other than the recent travails of of the County Treasurer, most of our leadership troubles have not been created by women. Not that men certainly can’t do the job. We just think we could use more women in positions of power in government and also in decision making the private sector.

This does not mean that any woman who runs for public office should be elected (think Hillary Clinton) or promoted by virtue of her gender. We all know women and men who bring only contrariness and self-advancement to any public role they might have.

Women in leadership is a good thing, not just because women make up roughly half of the world’s population but because inclusion makes sense. Gender, we think matters. Men and women are different. We think often that each looks at the world in different ways. Such differences often compliment one another and make diversity a strength. 

More female representation, we think would change the climate of sexual harassment as it exists in government and in other places. Let’s encourage more women, Republican, Democrat or other, to run for political office