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Man threatens three with firearm

BY Brian Powers - bpowers@chronicle-tribune.com

An online friendship turned sour Tuesday morning, according to police reports.

Amanda Bagley, 24, of Summitville, called Marion police early Tuesday after a man she had befriended on a website pulled a weapon on her.

MPD Deputy Chief Stephen Dorsey said Bagley reportedly met a man she knew as Xavier on a website called MeetMe. She reported to have met the man two other times previously, and he came to pick her up from her residence in Summitville to drive her to Ruler Foods in Marion.

Bagley told police the man, whose real name is Justin Meade, 33, of Marion, invited her and her children over to a residence at 524 W. 10th St. to play video games; an invitation in which she accepted.

Bagley reported the man began drinking vodka and beer, along with smoking a black, rock-like substance from a glass tube.

“He got in her face and, after telling Meade he was scaring her, he put a gun to her face and neck area and asked her if she were scared then,” Dorsey said.

Bagley then said Meade fell asleep and she called the father of her children – a conversation Meade heard and allegedly angered him.

“Bagley said Meade heard her talking on the phone and he began screaming obscenities at her and ordered her out of the house,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey said Bagley and her children left the home and called her mother. Meade allegedly followed the trio in his red hatchback, and pointed his silver and black firearm at Bagley once more, telling her to get into the vehicle.

“Bagley said Meade said to her, ‘I know where you live, and I’ll kill you and your two boys if you call the cops on me’,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey said Meade was not yet arrested, though the case is currently being reviewed and charges will be filed with the Prosecutor’s office.