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Participate in the primary

The primary election is just around the corner. We urge all citizens in the county to make sure they are registered to vote in the party of their choice.

The Republican Party is historically stronger and has competitive primary races, so some might take a GOP ballot in the spring even if they plan to vote for Democrats in the general election.

In spite of Republican dominance, Democrats, if they have strong candidates, can win local elections. That has been the history.

Get yourself registered. Don’t miss out on this primary election.

Campaigns to gain the GOP nod for the prosecutor’s office are producing the most attention. It is between a longtime incumbent, James Luttrull Jr., and an attorney in his office, Rodney Faulk, who was fired shortly after announcing his bid to replace his boss.

Luttrull says the dismissal was based on personnel issues in the prosecutor’s office and not on the election. 

As always, the more we know about each candidate ahead of time the better.

We urge Luttrull and Faulk to agree to a debate before the May 8 election.

Some folks think the current prosecutor, who most would agree is very good arguing in front of a jury, would have the upper hand in a debate. Maybe so. But being able to argue a case well is part of the job.

And there are a lot of matters regarding the office under Luttrull, as with any prosecutor, that could stand for a healthy public airing – such as enforcement choices, who gets prosecuted, who doesn’t and why.

The deadline to register to vote is the end of the day on Monday, April 9. Absentee voting at the Grant County Courthouse starts the next day.

There is an important decision to be made.