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Letters to the Editor

City should back Ridley Tower with TIF

Dear Editor:

As a commercial real estate developer and someone who grew up in and still loves Marion, I have followed closely the city’s efforts to redevelop and revitalize downtown.

I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly (Old YMCA). I still believe everyone’s intentions were good in trying to make Marion a better place to visit and live, but I also understand why the city and its citizens are leery of providing incentives for another project.

I have developed projects across the state of Indiana and been involved in many several public-private partnerships involving more than $60 Million in TIF incentives. There have been four common facts that have contributed to positive outcomes in those projects: experience, transparency, leadership, and action.

Mike Halstead and his team are experienced in redeveloping historical structures, which is not a common set of skills. He is the best possible private partner for this project. Halstead has been transparent with the city and community partners from the beginning – and followed through on his word (action).

Now, it’s time for leadership from the city. Incentives can be a good tool under the right circumstances – this is the right partner and project to step forward and co-invest alongside Halstead by issuing the necessary TIF. I hope the city seizes this opportunity.

Shelby Bowen, of Noblesville

GM workers showed proper respect

Dear Editor:

Respect. Honor. Dignity.

Needham-Storey-Wampner was honored to serve the Tim Alva family today (Oct. 4, 2019). On our way to Grant Memorial Park cemetery, our procession traveled down Miller Avenue. As the procession approached the General Motors plant, workers with signs stopped what they were doing, signs went down, heads were bowed, hands went on hearts and hats were removed.

Thank you GM workers for your respect. If no one else noticed, I did.

Mark Storey, of Needam-Storey-Wampner Funeral Service, Marion