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Letters to the Editor

ILEARN failure isn’t a surprise

Dear Editor:

The ILEARN test results have been a complete failure for the same reasons that the ISTEP method failed earlier. The ISTEP method failed because the Obama Administration handed out waivers to all school administrations providing exemptions to escape the “No Child Left Behind” program that was developed by President George W. Bush to overcome the lack of assistance for children with a medical condition requiring medical treatment for ADHD. 

Unfortunately, the medication slowed down child development in grades one through five and could lead to further problems like autism. Statistically, 15 percent of children diagnosed with ADHD develop autism. The medication normally prescribed for treating ADHD is RITILIN, which has negative side effects. 

Students warn me if they missed their daily medication (very expensive). I found that bus problems could be avoided if they adopted “No Child Left Behind” program solution of tutoring. I would volunteer to set up a tutoring program for any student. The best tutoring software available is “khanAcademy.org” because it teaches the student mastery of all mathematics, English, and science concepts. This program can be done online using a computer with internet ready in the student for college. 

Note the SCPI (Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute) founded by scientist Dr. Theresa A. Deisher has developed a cure for autism that should be adopted by the CDC. SCPI is located at 1749 Dexter Avenue, Seattle, WA 98109. Dr. Deisher’s telephone is 206-906-9922. 

Signed, William E. Hewitt, Marion. 

Say no to impeachment, say no to Dems

You know every time you turn on the news on one of our pay channels, all you hear is impeachment, impeachment, impeachment from the Democrats. The talk shows are no different. They keep trying to find some kind of dirt on our president. Who is doing their work in their states that they were legally elected to represent? They can’t be doing too much for their people who elected them. If they have associates or interns doing their work for them, who pays their salaries? I can tell you, we do! We are being charged extra for services done by the wrong people. How can they be in two places at once for even trying to do the work they are paid to do?

My father was a tried and true Democrat. He always said the Republican Party is for the more affluent, the rich. This all was preached to me for a long time. When I became old enough to vote, my vote was straight Democrat. From 2006 to 2016, more companies closed up shop and moved out of our country. Now we have a dedicated man in the President’s chair, starting in 2016, who is trying his best to get companies to come back. Our salaries are coming up and we get more back from Uncle Sam each year in tax returns. More people are working again and sending more money to help improve the economy. How could the Democrats hate someone so much who has done so much for the U.S. in only four years.

My thinking has sure changed toward the Democrats. My next vote will certainly not be for the Democratic Party. 

- Dwight Walls, of LaFontaine