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Letters to the editor

Hey, Gas City has pickleball, too

Dear Editor: 

I read the article in the C-T this morning, Oct. 3, 2019, covering the new pickleball court in Matter Park. This is a fantastic addition to an already elite facility. 

Please note that on Sept. 19, 2019, Gas City had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new pickleball court in the Gas City Park. We have been working on this project for at least two years.  

We have two courts directly adjacent to the basketball courts in the park. Once again, Gas City is a leader who does not get its porper recognition.  

I anticipate that there will be some friendly (I hope) competition among individuals and teams in our respective communities.  

I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Beryl (Debbie) Atkinson, Gas City councilman Mike Planck and the Gas City Park Board for pushing forward and making this happen.  


H. Larry Leach, Gas City Mayor.  

West Point Neighborhood says thanks

Dear Editor:

Our West Point Neighborhood Association has recently held two special events that would not have been possible without the help of several wonderful city employees and several willing volunteers!

On Sept.17, we held a Neighborhood Parade led by our own West Point Firetruck and Firemen. Others participating with cars, trucks, signs, balloons, candy to throw and flyers to pass out were Cathy and Fran Bir, Beth Ann Guido, David and Rita Faust, Sue Herring, Pastor Dan VanCise, Janet Miller, Ruthann Anderson, Dawn Harness, Kenny and Judy Carmichael, Anna Mae Lewis, Marguerite Wimmer, Steve Marden, Terry Backs, Gus Smart, David and Janiece Bowers, and City Neighborhood Co-ordinator, Kayla Johnson. This parade enabled us to advertise our Neighborhood Cleanup Day and our neighborhood meeting dates. Thanks to all who participated and especially to the City of Marion for “loaning” us the Firemen and Firetruck. They were great!

Then on Saturday, Sept. 22, we held our Neighborhood Cleanup, and it was a great success! Thanks to all of the city utility workers with their trucks and equipment, to the four Collins’ flag volunteers, to Kayla Johnson and her three young friends, and to Brad Luzadder, Deb Cain and Gary Fordyce for walking the area to pick up trash. We also thank our neighborhood members, Beth Ann Guido, Sue Herring, Dave and Rita Faust, Dick Lawson and Judy Carmichael who assisted neighborhood residents with loading the dumpsters and cleaning up the area when we were finished. We also want to thank West 8th Street Wesleyan Church and Tree of Life Church for allowing us to use their properties for our dumpsters, and a special thanks to every neighbor who took advantage of this special day to clean up their properties.

Both events were great and we are, once again, so proud of our West Point Neighborhood Association!

– Judy Carmichael, President; Dick Lawson, Vice President; Sue Herring, Secretary; Susan Hutcheson, Treasurer