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City ordinances aim to cool off pets

BY Scott Fleener - ctreport@indy.rr.com

City officials are reminding Marion pet owners of ordinances aimed to keep pets safe during hot temperatures.

Shelter manager for Marion Animal Care and Control Brittney Shrout said according to a new city ordinance if the temperature outside is above 85 degrees pets have to be brought inside a temperature-controlled building.

Marion-Grant County Humane Society Director Brenda Volmer said bringing pets inside doesn’t just mean bringing them into the garage because it’s usually just as hot in there. She said Igloo dog houses can get as hot as 120 degrees and it’s just as hot as the inside of a car.

“If you’re hot, they’re hot,” Volmer said.

Volmer said if it is still hot inside of a house, pet owners can mist their pets or put a bottle of frozen water to help cool the air more. Brushing pets regularly can also help to pets cool off.

The new ordinance, approved last year, also prevents owners from leaving their pets inside cars.

According to Shrout, the ordinances have made a difference. Last year the city received about six to 10 calls a day and now the city receives about one to two calls a day.

Shrout said if someone sees an animal that is suffering from the heat, be careful and call Animal Control during business hours or call the Marion Police Department.

She said if the animal seems friendly to go ahead and approach but to be extra cautious around cats because there are a lot of wild ones. Animal Control can set a live trap and take the animal in.

Shrout said another ordinance many people are not aware of is one that says pets cannot be chained up without an owner present.

Those who do not follow these animal ordinances can face fines if they are repeat offenders, Shrout said.