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God and mom

Mothers, pretty much all of them, know their offspring’s strengths and weaknesses before children have an inkling of them. Maternal insight is probably why ongoing comparisons to God and mothers have the flavor of truth.

And there are other similarities. Who, other than the Creator and mom, forgives with endless frequency and surety?

Mom, with her child in the witness chair around the kitchen table after some offense or mistake of a serious consequence, listens, advises and usually requires repentance as a basic place to start recovery.

Such conversations can be with a child of 12 or 35.

But Mom can reassure better than anyone.

Mothers will sit and listen to the heartache, even though they already know the story so well they could have written it themselves. Still, they do more than hear. They listen. Then they diagnose and pronounce the remedy, which the child may have already known somewhere inside and understood before sitting down.

Like God, good mothers often deal in mercy. Fathers do too, but they have a tendency to be more concerned with justice. God, of course, deals in both.

Please note that cursing involving God or your mother is among the worst that can be commited verbally. That’s because of the sacred nature of the subjects.

And how many times did a mother stop loving her child? Among sane mothers, probably about as often as God - which would be never.

The old saying about how God couldn’t be everywhere so he made mothers doesn’t stand up. God made mothers because he wanted people to get a proper introduction to love in this world. Moms are precious and as needed as water, air and peace of mind.

If you still have yours today, be sure to tell her Sunday of your love and gratitude. Happy Mother’s Day.